About Us

About Us

Welcome to KhoslaLTD, where rich tradition meets modern innovation in the world of textiles. We are a family-owned enterprise, proudly spearheaded by the dynamic husband and wife duo, Sushil and Sangeeta. With strong Indian roots and a global outlook, we manufacture both textile fabric and garments.

Sushil brings to our venture the wisdom garnered from years managing a thriving textile plant in Zanzibar, Tanzania. His passion transcends beyond the realm of threads and patterns, weaving a narrative of global culture and tradition. A master of balancing aesthetics with functionality, he ensures our textiles encapsulate elegance, durability, and innovative design.

Complementing him, Sangeeta expertly navigates our business operations from our bases in India and Singapore. Her strength resides in her meticulous attention to detail, profound understanding of the market, and unwavering commitment to our clients. Under her stewardship, KhoslaLTD has earned a sterling reputation for exceptional customer service and streamlined processes.

One of the unique threads in our fabric is our commitment to empowering women. We prioritize providing employment opportunities for women, fostering an environment where they can thrive, grow, and showcase their talent. Our belief in gender equality is not just a policy; it’s a fundamental part of who we are.

We're not just a textile company; we're a legacy of love, resilience, and respect for our rich heritage. Rooted in our craft, dedicated to our clients, and committed to sustainable and ethical practices, we also aim to be a beacon of empowerment in the industry.

At KhoslaLTD, we offer more than just textiles. We invite you to join our journey, to experience the richness and vibrancy of our fabrics, and to become part of a story that celebrates the beauty in every thread, every pattern, and every piece we create – and the amazing women who help us do it.

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